3.7 Topics Quiz problems ROS Development Studio (ROSDS

I wanted to start the 3.7 topics quiz, but when i copy the file and open it, I just get the information for the end project of ROs basics in 5 Day. How can i start the simulation for my task or should i just do it in the normal environment?

You need to launch the course to take the Topics Quiz. The course project runs in a different environment (ROSDS).

Btw, the project is not an “end” project. You should start doing it as soon as you are told to do so (usually at the end of the Topics unit).

is there any information how to starte the sim and more vor the ROSDS? and how can i test my code

When you open the project in ROSDS, you have a notebook that explains how to do what you have to do. Also, you have to apply the knowledge you have gained in the course without being specifically asked :slight_smile:

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