2 different explanantion for "hardware interface" in unit2 and unit 6 of ROS Control

Is there any connection between the hardware interface mentioned In ROS Control, unit 6 and the hardware interface mentioned in the block diagram in unit 2. Unit 6 talks of hardware interfaces as EfforJointInterfaces. VelocityJointInterfaces etc, while unit 2 talks of hardware interfaces as velocity control, position control, effort control etc. Did i interpret it wrong?

Content from Unit 6:


Block diagram from Unit 2:
hardware interface as mentioned in block diagram:

Hello @Joseph1001,

the block diagram from Unit 2 uses the more general terms “Velocity Control (Hardware Interface)”, “Position Control (Hardware Interface)” and “Effort Control (Hardware Interface)” whereas Unit 6 talks about the specific name that ros_control has for the implementation of one of such hardware interfaces. In other words what ros_control calls VelocityJointInterface is a velocity control hardware interface. The same applies for the other interfaces.

I hope this clears your doubts.


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